5 Top Tips for Recruiting in Supply Chain Management

Both the supply chain and logistics need creative, logical thinking mind to be hired in order to compete with the high-end technology development and global expansion. Searching the perfect candidate for your company is no less than any challenge that needs strenuous interviews, wide advertising, and finally, some kind of give and takes from both the parties.  Not only the candidate requires aligning with the organization’s expectations but also your workplace should also be intriguing to the prospective candidate.

Well, in order to stay ahead of your competitors in this recruitment domain, you the below mentioned 5 steps for your exceptional recruiting in the supply chain management.

Supply Chain Management

  1. First, find out what is an ideal applicant looks like

Before you are targeting the so-called “ perfect candidate,” you first need to clearly find out and understand what you are looking for or rather what kind of candidate you are looking for.  What does your perfect candidate actually look like? Do they require to have more than 15 + years of experience in the supply chain domain? Or maybe Recent graduate with a background of logistics service course with minimum work experience? Now the tip to attracting innovative and fresh talent is to know and understand what you need and whom you need.

Before you draft your vacancy listing it is recommended to break the responsibilities that the candidate will have to fulfill into skills required in order to succeed. Being able to convert such qualities in to think like that are necessary and preferable can keep all the candidates as relevant as possible.

  1. Push a work life balance

Of course, we all know that an awesome workplace culture will have the capability to attract even more awesome employees across the world. The advertisement of work life balance is not any kind of added incentive at least no longer, however, focused expectation within various modern workplaces, mentioning work life balance during the interview process will improve morale and can be the actual difference between a candidate to your business or a good competitor down the lane.

Also,  it is a wonderful idea to increasingly minimise turnover prices and recruiting expensive in the long term. Flexibility must and should be a big plus point and always should be highlighted it in your listing.

  1. Utilize social media

Usually, recruiting managers often overlook social media recruiting strategy. But the point that they should understand is that there are more than 2 billion users across the globe who have multiple social media networking accounts and ignoring this fact would not only be a huge mistake but also you miss out the opportunity of hiring the perfect candidate. Social media networking platforms are a great way to build a relationship with potential candidates no matter where they work.

One of these such great professional networking platforms is LinkedIn. Just as the name says a professional networking platform, it lets you expand your reach to a like minded group of professionals who come from the background of supply chain and logistics. Also, there are other potential social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter with billions of users. However, the most professional one is obviously LinkedIn.

  1. Let your employees assist

Always there would be some sort of pressure in the process of hiring and retaining the recruited talented minds in the workplace that is capable enough of taking its toll even on the high-performing managers. But the good news is that there are significantly hundreds of other candidates who can offer a helping hand. Letting other employees help you in the process can spread your recruiting word a bit quicker and to industry-particular candidates who are possible to suit in with your existing employees and management.

Your employees can spread the same word with their friends and colleagues of the vacancy opportunity and as well as the appropriate job links to keep others apprised of the job posting. Even if your so-called “Perfect candidate” isn’t among your employees’ circle or network, there are more chances for your job listing to be shared, pushing it further so that you find your right and deserving candidate for the position.

  1. Try to recruit internally

It is an excellent way to recruit from within the company as it gives your existing employees a great chance to explore further in their domain. It promotes progression planning and extraordinary career development within the company- Certainly both of which can be seen to the motivated and driven employee.

Usually, a simple promotion to higher level or C-suite positions and management roles will assist employees in upskilling their creativity and reward the positive and high performance of the employees. It is essential to make sure that such processes are undertaken in a fair way.

The process of the recruitment for hiring the right candidate can be a bit exhausting and also time-consuming as the candidates you choose have to certainly align with your company’s expectations and also work culture. Not only the organization, but the candidate should also have the capability to earn respect from the employer’s side and this will surely together with a piece of interest in the goal of the organization must shine through.

Ultimately, not just a good understanding, but an extraordinary recruiting needs a good research too. Most of the times, the deserving or the right candidate may not be proactively looking for a position or maybe working at somewhere else. It great job listing will spread across the industry, extremely particular,  develop the great reputation of the company, and offer a wonderful opportunity for logistics service or supply chain candidates willing to take the challenge.

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