A Guide to Planning Your Destination Wedding Transportation

Weddings are important life events that demand meticulous planning. These involve an overwhelming number of tasks, plus, expenses can run high, especially for couples who’ve decided to have a destination wedding.

And speaking of destination weddings, one of the crucial aspects of these is ensuring the comfort, convenience, and safety of guests. Since these are people who are going far and beyond to grace your special event, you want to make sure that you show how you truly value their presence. Therefore, providing the majority of their needs is a must.

One of the common needs of guests who attend destination weddings, particularly overseas visitors, is transportation since nobody would be bringing their own cars. According to TheBride.com, providing destination wedding guests with transportation is not just a matter of finding car rental services in the area. There are many other factors to consider, as well. So, to cover this responsibility effectively, here is a guide to help you out.

Destination Wedding Transportation

1. Establish the number of guests that you need to shuttle from the accommodation to the wedding venue

Before anything else, you need to perform a headcount. By knowing how many people need transportation from their accommodation to the wedding venue and vice-versa, it will become so much easier to determine a workable budget for transportation.

2. Check the vehicle rental provisions in the area

Research online and work with your wedding organizers to find reliable vehicle rental services in the area. From all the options available, narrow down your choices to those with fleets that are suitable for your guests.

When you compare the rates, do not just focus on the price, look into all the service inclusions, as well. This is how you’ll determine the true value offered by the car rental company. Likewise, see if there are deals that you can take advantage of. It’s usually always better to get more for the amount of money that you are willing to dole out.

And lastly, do not forget to compare ratings. Remember, you want to ensure everybody’s good time. So, look for customer feedback that reveals the quality of service a rental company delivers. Feedback and testimonials will provide you with a clear idea of the quality of the vehicles, how smooth the transactions are, and the service given by the driver.

3. Determine the different kinds of vehicles you need

Quite often, destination weddings require different types of vehicles based on the kind of participation the guests have in the event. For instance, the couple’s family may want a stylish family van for the clan.

Meanwhile, you may want your entourage to arrive at the wedding venue in style. A stretch limousine may be the perfect option for them. As for distant relatives and friends, they may be fine to ride together. For them, a luxury bus rental is a suitable mode of transportation

You may also want to include special vehicles for your guests with mobility issues.

4. Set your budget

Do the math and see how everything will cost you. Afterward, look for opportunities that may help adjust the overall cost, such as exclusive deals and discounts. And do not miss the chance to include extra services that may be useful.

Work out all of these details into your budget and, finally, set aside the money for the transportation rental.

5. Try to work out an arrangement with the rental company to accommodate your guests

If you have a lot of guests for the wedding and there are days to count to your wedding after they’ve arrived, provide them with the contact details of your chosen car rental service. They may want to explore on their own and need a car rental that they would pay for themselves.

But prior to that, talk with the rental company about deals to provide your guests with. After all, referrals are always good for business. The rental company may be keen on offering your guests extra discounts or perks.

6. Create a schedule for transportation needs

Work out a flexible arrangement for transportation, especially if there are different stops for your wedding day. For instance, the reception at a remote location can take a very long time. See if it’s possible to break down the rental hours so you can avoid renting vehicles for more hours than is necessary.

If that’s not possible, creating a schedule still offers you the opportunity to make adjustments to the wedding program so your guests’ transportation needs would still be covered properly.

7. Prepare a call chart for all the rented vehicles

Using a call chart is the best solution to account for everybody that needs a ride to the wedding. All the driver has to do is to conduct a roll call, so nobody gets left behind in the different stages of the day’s event.

No doubt, planning and providing transportation for a destination wedding is a lot of work, but it’s absolutely worth it. Hopefully, the guide provided here will help make the task easier for you to carry out.

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