A Very Impressive Nissan Sports Sedan

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We often become familiar with common names of cars but really may not have a true understanding of what they are. To really gather all the information you need to know about Nissan cars that interest you pay a visit to Glendale Nissan.

Basically a sedan is a passenger car that has a three box configuration to it. The seating section has two rows of seats, and then there is enough space for cargo. Some sedans do have a two box body configuration. Then there is the vehicles that are classed as sports vehicles which usually has a more sleek and futuristic look to them and are loaded with power. In many cases the sports car is a two seater and two door auto. The focus is partly put on its ease of handling and its powerful performance.

Nissan has managed to combine both of these attributes of the sedan and a sports vehicle into one.

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They have called this combination the Sport Sedan concept or SSC for short. Where the sports concept comes and in is definitely in the looks. You will notice the original styling of the headlights and taillights which looked very much like a boomerang are much more noticeable and are housed with the LED lighting. Another big noticeable change is in the signature grill. The graphic is much more evident as can be seen in the new Rogue that Nissan has produced. While there have been some significant changes the vehicle is highly recognized as exceptional work that Nissan and puts into their vehicles. The final outcome with the vehicle is it has a more aggressive look to it that definitely brings a sports vehicle to mind and has the futuristic touch to it without going overboard.

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The inside has seen us some major changes as well when it comes to the futuristic look. There have been some extra aesthetic touches to the gauges and infotainment system which are translucent blue and trimmed with silver. This is further enhanced with the blue accent lighting within the interior. While it has these futuristic touches to it, it is also a very user friendly. What is also unique about this vehicle is that in order to create this new look there have been no compromises. While this is a future concept being put forth by Nissan it certainly shows where this auto manufacturer is headed for the future. For the Nissan vehicles that are waiting for you now be sure to visit www.downtownnissan.com.

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