Haulmark Cargo Trailers: What You Need to Know Before Buying

Haulmark Cargo Trailers

The best thing that comes when buying a cargo trailer is having a prior knowledge of which brand name is the best for your business. In the last article, we discussed about a particular brand called “Look cargo trailer”; here is the link to the article ……….

Today, we are going to look at a prominent brand-name called “Haulmark Cargo Trailers”. I guess you would have heard much about them. We are going to look out their various offers, what buyers are saying, and if their products is the right deal for you. Keep reading!

Haulmark Cargo Trailers 2

Company’s Overview

Haulmark Services is responsible for transportation related services in the state Utah and different states in the US. in Bristol, Ind., they have been producing enclosed trailers for more than 27 years. They have seven plants in six states, representing one million square feet of manufacturing space. The company currently is operating a big fleet of trailers and tractors for offering its customers on-time delivery services. The company also provides shipping, material handling, equipment maintenance, fleet management and services related to trucking. Hazardous and non-hazardous commodities are distributed and handled by the company. .Additionally, it offers 24-hour transportation services.


Haulmark cargo trailer has info about every step of the journey related to trailering.Inside the owner’s manual all the information is contained. It covers all sorts of practical info e.g. hazards to safety, also other technical knowledge for example service instructions and inspection for brakes of trailers. If, however you encounter a breakdown somewhere on your journey. Good news is Haulmark also comes with a warrantee of limited three-years. This covers defects in materials and workmanship and also offer a one-year warranty covering most of the things like paint, sealant,  electrical, doors, windows,seals, plumbing and fiberglass parts undercoating.

Skeletal services

This reputable organisation offers Ultra Low neck retractable, standard skeletal and Heavy Duty Road Train design operating in road train combinations. They have a tare weight city skeletal that provides with all its pull out rear function an awesome versatility. The capacity is about the cartage of 48’ containers and the Retractable skeletal along with locking pins that cab be air operated andmechanism is, no maintenance sliding suspension provides great and total flexibility for loading and unloading of the rear containers.

Used cargo trailers and spare parts

For those of you guys looking for used-cargo trailers, it will interest you to know that Haulmark cargo trailers have used cargo trailer for sale in Utah, with good conditions of cargo, clean inside, a little rust outside.

Used cargo trailers and spare parts

Haulmark store house 

They also provide extensive after sales service and support. They have stock a comprehensive range of parts and components for the complete range of Haulmark Trailers. Extensive range includes: LED lighting and signage, airbag suspensions and components, ETE mechanical spring suspensions and components, Trailer Axles and components, and a host of others.

Haulmark store house

Haulmark store house 2

Service & Repairs

One unique thing that caught my attention about this great brand is their high-tech maintenance and repair workshop facilities .where they can undertake anything from basic to complete chassis modifications, rollover repairs and conversions on every make of beautiful trailers.

 Buyers Comments

 Most of the buyers who had dealings with the organisation claimed that they had consistent services. “I like their customer service and follow up. I strongly recommend them! And wish every business should put such efforts in business” said Dorabratton.

Wildleg said, “I have been happy with mine, 8×24′ enclosed haulmark.I originally bought it to haul the stock car, now it’s mainly used to haul equipment for state tournaments. We have used it several times to move the kids, seems like they are always moving, and yes it gets used for the atvs a lot. We have hauled them to the ride and then used it to camp in. It also makes an excellent place to store the machines in at home. The main drawback is fuel mileage, but it is nice to know your machines are locked up when you are at a motel. I haven’t been the least bit sorry for buying it. The next one is going to be 8.5×28 Gooseneck.”

However MarkDalton, gave a negative review by saying, “don’t do business with them. They will charge you to haul their load…stay clear of them!”

Locate Nearby dealers

Well, what do you think?If you are convinced that this great brand of cargo trailers are the right choice for you, based on the above aforementioned services, offers andcomments from clients, then you can easily locate any dealers close by. You can go to their site and use their site locator to access brands close to you.

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