How To Clean Your Leather Seats The Right Way Without Damaging Them?

Leather upholstery inside your car cabin adds a tinge of magnificence to the overall look of the car. With leather coated seats, dashboard and steering wheel, you are bound to feel more luxurious inside the car cabin. That is the reason why most of the expensive and premium range of vehicles comes with leather upholstery.

But leather upholstery inside the cabin of your car does not come cheap, and therefore you will need to take proper care of it. At the same time, you must remember that leather is a material that needs to be handled with care or else can get damaged pretty easily. In case you will not be able to clean your leather seats yourself, visit Phoenix Mazda dealers for a quick servicing.

Here are the different steps that you should follow to clean the leather seats of your car the right way.

How To Clean Your Leather Seats

Cleaning the Leather Seats in Your Car

Cleaning the leather seats in your car involves a quick and easy process that will help you to make your seats look like new once again. Have a look at the easy steps to follow.

  • The first thing you will need to do is to vacuum the seats. Use a dry vacuum cleaner to clean the places from any dust particles that might scratch the leather while cleaning. You can also use an air blower to clean the tricky corners.

  • Now, to remove the layer of grime that may have formed over the leather of your seats, you will need to use a leather cleaning liquid and microfiber cloth to remove the dirt from the surface. Never spray the cleaner directly on to the leather, but on the fabric and then rub gently to remove the grime layer.

  • Once you have wiped the seats with the leather cleaning liquid and a microfiber cloth, take another piece of cloth and rub the seats dry to remove any other dirt from the surface.

So here are the essential steps to follow which will help you clean your leather seats in your car in the right manner.

How to prevent leather seats from getting dirty?

We know the seats of our car tend to get dirty as we take the vehicle outside regularly. But there are a few preventive measures that will help your leather seats to stay in much better condition than before.

  • Always park the car under a shed and keep the windows shut to prevent the sun’s direct rays from falling on the seats and also to keep dirt and dust out from the car cabin.
  • Use a leather conditioner after cleaning the seats from dirt to retain the shine and texture of the leather seats. Conditioning the seats also keeps the leather in much healthier shape.
  • Regularly clean your leather seats to prevent too much dirt and grime to accumulate over the surface of the leather seats.

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