Mountain Biking Basics – Trail Etiquette

Mountain biking is a sport best enjoyed with other people. With your friends or some other mountain biking enthusiasts, the fun of riding a mountain bike in the serenity of nature becomes tenfold. So, if you can, make sure you don’t miss out on mountain biking events in your area. They are really fun, will give you a good workout and it is certainly a great thing for personal networking. It is always recommended to find people who view the world similar to you and connect with them.

If you will be participating in mountain biking events, or go on mountain biking trips with your friends, make sure you learn the basic trail etiquette. Yes, just like other social situation, there are some guidelines that you must adhere to while doing biking on mountain, hills and trails. This will make your adventurous trip even more fun and enjoyable, and will improve your social skills at the same time.

Mountain Biking Basics

Let’s get started with the basics.

In popular mountain biking trails, you will meet a lot of people. You will fellow bikers, you will meet enthusiast hikers and you will see horser. As a responsible rider and a citizen of America, you should behave responsible and always be in control of your bike. By doing so, you will not act like a threat to someone else and that’s always appreciable.

The second thing to note here is that you shouldn’t break rules. Some trails are not suitable for mountain biking, so you should only bike on trails that are mountain bike friendly. Also, some trails are just reserved for hikers, so respect that too.

Apart from that, here are some others rules for you to follow:-

  1. Let uphill travellers pass: If you come across a climbing fellow biker on a narrow trail. Let him pass courteously before you. Simply get off the bike, lift it up to clear the way for him and let him climb up. If you will do this for other riders, they will do it for you. Climbing up is difficult that going down, so remember this.
  2. While overtaking horses or hikers, slow down to give to give them the time to react to your approach and make way for you. One of the best ways to get the horses to move away from the trail is to find their care-taker and ask him for directions. Not only will he gladly help you out with the directions, he will also help you with clearing the path.
  3. Always say hi or hello to people you meet on trails: Remember, mountain biking like other sports is an experience in itself. So, if you meet people who share a love for nature and wilderness like you do, greet them generously. It is is always nice to meet new people and get to know about them.
  4. Never litter on trails: Yes, you should carry water with you, but you should be responsible in disposing the water bottle. You should not throw it anywhere on the trail. On some trails, littering can get you a fine, or some other severe punishment.

While trail etiquettes are important bike safety etiquettes matter as well so don’t forget to read about the Best bike lock for road bikes and secure your bike the best possible way.

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