Safety Standards Maintained by Hyundai

Hyundai as a leading automotive manufacturer has always contributed for the automotive industry with innovative ideas that helped in making car travels better than before. Among a lengthy list of their innovative moves, the safety standards maintained in any Hyundai car, is worth noticing, as Hyundai follows a basic line of thought regarding as serious as issue like road and car safety. Hyundai has a clean philosophy for its approach towards car safety to be maintained on roads. The Hyundai dealer serving Medford explained that Hyundai broadly divides car safety into two categories. They are collision avoidance systems and in case of collision systems. Here we will discuss these safety standards on the basis of these two broad categories.

Maintained by Hyundai

Collision Avoidance Systems

Collision Avoidance systems are those that will find innovative ways to prevent cars from any possibility of crash. So here are the systems that will avoid the chances of collision at great length.

Smart Cruise Control and Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

This feature monitors the stop-and-go traffic situation through a couple of advanced radar sensors, that help maintain a safe distance between the cars by engaging the brakes automatically and by intuitively controlling the speed with Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

FCA (Forward collision-avoidance Assist) and BAS (Brake Assistant System)

With the same radar technology in tune with camera sensors, the FCA system helps in preventing the car from getting trapped in accidents by automatically lowering down the speed while alerting the driver about the potential collisions. The BAS on the other hand detects an emergency stop and automatically increases the braking pressure to save the car from probable accidents.

HAC(Hill-start Assist Control)

With HAC, the car automatically initiates the application of brakes for 3 seconds, when the car is climbing up or down a hill slope. The HAC system enables safe driving experience during an uphill journey by stopping the car from the danger of rolling back.

Smart High Beam Assist

This system is designed to switch between high and low headlight beams automatically, to detect the lights that are being emanated from the oncoming vehicles or pedestrians especially during the dusk and night times helping the driver focus on the driving more without having to worry about the suddenly oncoming objects.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The TPMS is made to monitor the air pressure of all four tires automatically and warn the driver in case of any under inflation in any tire. It helps in maintaining proper tire pressure which is essential for vehicle stability.

In Case of Collision

As explained by the Medford Hyundai dealer experts, systems that work in case of collision, are those that work to reduce the severity of the impact of a collision on the car occupants and work towards saving life and other damages.

Collision Preparation Technology:

To face any collision with enough preparation Hyundai has enabled the Collision preparation technology that works right at the moment of a collision preventing severe damages caused to the people travelling inside a Hyundai vehicle. The notable features in this category are the Seat belt pretensioners, Active Hood System and strategically appointed Air Bags.

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