Things You Need To Know About Dog Bite Laws

Dog bite law is a combination of city and county ordinances, state case law, state statutory law and common legal principles which are a result of certain lawsuits from throughout the United States. The dog bite laws are determined by checking the jurisdiction’s civil, administrative and criminal laws. Overall, civil laws give compensation for the victim in monetary terms while administrative laws provide a remedy against the dog and criminal laws give punishment to the dog owner.

As per the ancient law, a dog owner or harborer is protected from liability, civilly and criminally. This is until the dog owner or harborer has a specific degree of information that his dog is dangerous. However, criminal laws may lead to serious consequences to the dog owner or harborer in the form of a fine or time in the jail. Certain animal control laws may impose euthanasia or conditions for retaining the dog. Thus, the legal system ensures that the dog owner or harborer pays all losses and damages to the individual or party that has suffered from the bite.

 A dog owner or harborer’s knowledge that his dog is “biter” also makes him liable to the possibility of having to pay punitive damages. Whether or not the state follows the one bite rule, liability is also on people who are negligent in handling their dogs or those who violate other animal control laws which are aimed to protect the people from getting injured. Injuries caused to people due to the irresponsibility of a dog owner, harborer or keeper makes them liable in almost every state. Also, many court cases that occurred recently has held animal control departments and related public firms liable for failing to take the required action against dangerous dogs. A civil court, criminal court and dog court have the provision to protect the rights of dog bite victims. However, criminal and administrative solutions for victims are not that favorable and at times victims are traumatized to learn that the most shocking dog bite attacks are not accepted as crimes or considered to be violating animal control laws.

To put it simply, dog owners are liable for the dog’s actions and homeowner’s insurance will be availed to pay for the damages of the injured persons as per the law. Dog bites lead to about a third of homeowner’s insurance claims. As such, Nevada lacks a specific dog bite law and the one bite free rule that many states adopt also is not applicable. In cases where a dog has attacked a person, the victim can take legal help and sue the dog’s owner for a personal injury claim. Typically, dog bite incidents happen on the dog residence’s property and hence such cases come in the category of premise liability. If you are injured by a dog in the Las Vegas area, there is a man you might want to call: Attorney Adam Kutner who can evaluate your claim free of charge and help you collect the compensation you deserve.

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