Toyota 2018 C-HR Features

The C-HR from Toyota brought with it a good store of new features for its 2018 model. Wearing an eye-catching design supported by advanced safety features, the C-HR presumes owning and driving it on your own terms.

Here are the features shared by the Placerville Toyota dealers that got installed to the vehicle only in its 2018 version.

The Design


Defying the conventional look, the C-HR blew minds with the new combination of two-tone paints that they named as Silver Knockout Metallic and Blue Eclipse Metallic. Determined to break the monotony of the status-quo, the vehicle this time got itself the high standard 17” alloy wheels with diamond-cut lines that are sparking and elegant.


Toyota 2018 C-HR Features

The interior of Toyota C-HR is the perfect synchronization of comfort with style. Starting with the standard heated front seats, the driver’s seat to the standard power lumbar support, all can be adjusted to achieve the level of maximum comfort.

While the Rear seats can be converted into a 60/40 split to accommodate extra cargo space, the telescopic steering wheel holding audio and phone controls show the capability of the Toyota Designers who knows how to think out of the box.

Technology Convenience


Today technology is the key to convenience that indulge in your laziness and the need to adjust with every car controls. In C-HR a 4.2” multi-informational display is installed to inform the driver with the up-to-date vehicle information. On the other side the Dual-zone automatic air conditioning makes you feel cozy and comfortable inside the cabin, irrespective of the weather you’re driving through.

Smart Key system

Then you have the Smart Key system that starts your vehicle at the push of a button without having to take out the key from its pouch.

Brake Hold

In Toyota C-HR you can activate the brake hold feature that would help to engage the brakes even when your foot is taken off from the pedal. This comes handy when you are waiting on the traffic signal for indefinite period.  As the signal light turns green, by pressing on the gas pedal would leave the brakes and start accelerating with its usual speed.

Backup Camera

To enhance the overall awareness among the drivers the 2018 C-HR is aided with a standard backup camera paired with an electrochromic rearview mirror. Both these cameras jointly effect the driving with better all-round visibility that take a step forward to safe driving. In addition to these there are a few more safety features available in CH-R:

  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Blind Spot Monitor
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
  • Auto-Fold Heated Side Mirrors


As declared by the Placerville Toyota dealer, here are the 2018 C-HR includes safety features that are included in over and above the Toyota Safety Sense:

  • automatic high beams,
  • pre-collision system
  • pedestrian detection,
  • lane departure alert,
  • dynamic radar cruise control.
  • 10 Standard Airbags
  • Monitoring System

Performance Overview

With a 144-hp, 2.0L, 4-cyl VALVEMATIC engine, the 2018 C-HR can run the vehicle at 100 km per liter. You get an 8.7/7.5 (City/Hwy) Fuel Efficiency with all possible comfort and convenience in every ride you experience with this vehicle.

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