What Is The Mexican Auto Insurance Claim Process?  

Involved in an accident? Good to see that nobody is injured. Thankfully, you have purchased the best Mexican auto insurance before traveling to Mexico. All of the Mexican auto insurance companies provide a toll-free number to their clients. So, first of all, you need to call the insurance company and report your claim. Now, what should you expect after the claim? It depends on the type of your claim. Don’t forget a copy of the adjuster’s report.

Mexican Auto Insurance Claim Process


An accident affects different parts of a policy such a liability, physical damage, legal and so on.

  Physical damage

  • Your Mexican insurance company will send an adjuster to the scene of the accident to file a report. The adjuster will ask you some questions related to the accident and insurance policy. You will also need to provide a valid driver’s license.
  • Once the first step is completed, the company will take the next step depending on the nature of the accident. The company will take the vehicle to a repair shop to determine if it can be repaired or not.
    • In case the vehicle is a total loss, the insurance company will determine the market value of the vehicle and indemnify you after making some deductions.
    • The company will ask you to cancel the vehicle importation permit if it is a total loss. However, some Mexican auto insurance companies take care of this part for their clients.
    • The company will work with a mechanic to repair the vehicle if it is repairable.
  • In case your vehicle is drivable, you can continue your journey or return home. Now you will provide the company with estimates for the repair. The insurance company will then choose a provider to pay. If you had purchased a standard policy, the insurance company will pay a shop rate which is around $36 to $38. If you had purchased full coverage policy, you will get a higher limit.
  • The fourth step is the payment step. You need to provide some documents to prove your identity. You must provide all the required documents to claim successfully.
  • After verifying all the documents, the company will release the payment within 2 to 5 days.
  • The company will also ask you to sign a “finiquito” stating that you are happy with the payment. Signing a “finiquito” will release your insurance company from further liability. You can open a supplementary claim and increase the payment in case you find some additional damage.
  • The process is completed after signing the “finiquito”.

Legal and Liability

The complications involved in this portion depends on the situation. The claim can be adjusted easily if it is clear whose fault is it. Things get complicated when it is not clear whose fault is it.

  • You will appear before police or ministerio publico if the fault is unclear. They will determine the loss after deciding who is at fault.
  • They will put you in jail if it is your fault. However, the adjuster will call the company’s lawyer.
  • Your policy will cover bodily injury, physical damage caused by you. You will also get legal representation.


File a report with the ministerio publico and the company. You need to complete some paperwork. The company will determine the market value of your vehicle and pay after making theft deductions.

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