When it is Time to Service Your Brake System

It is needless to say, how important are the brakes in a car. It is directly responsible for your life, as well as other’s safety on the road. Hence, even if you can ignore the malfunctioning of one or two other elements of your car, there is no way you can afford to ignore your brakes. To know how to check, if it is sound, checking it before starting off with a ride is mandatory.

Cars which travel quite often on city roads and is in regular commute in heavy traffic regularly are more prone to the wearing of brakes as it is used too often. It wouldn’t wear off all of a sudden, but the degeneration starts quietly and slowly. There is not going to be any apparent or visual symptoms of its wearing, and that is the sole reason, you need to check it every day before you leave, to avoid worrisome accidents on the road.

Time to Service Your Brake System

Methods of Checking for Brake Issues

The experts in North Las Vegas Acura, they shared some useful insights regarding the indications that it is time to go for a brake inspection. It would include some or all of these problems:

  • soft pedal with lesser resistance
  • vibration in the pedal
  • squealing noise
  • damaged brake parts.

Parts Usually Replaced in a Brake Job

Generally, it is mostly the front brakes that wear out first because these brakes are used more frequently especially in the front-wheel-drive cars and in the minivans. At times servicing only the front brakes is the only job you require. But one cannot leave the rear ones without inspecting in any case, as even rear brakes might need attention if the car is used too often riding on hilly roads.

The brake jobs might include replacing parts like the front disc brake pads, rear drum brake shoes, old brake fluid with new fluid, involve resurfacing of the brake discs, the drums, bleeding the brake lines, inspecting the entire brake system for leaks or other issues, some additional repairs, and finally checking and re-adjusting the parking brake.

Hardware Involved in the Brake System

At Car dealerships North Las Vegas they informed us that some of the brake jobs might ask for installing new hardware especially for the drums, for rebuilding or replacing the old wheel cylinders and the callipers.

Some small Hardware requirement would be necessary and unavoidable that would include things like the return springs, the hold-down springs and few other retainers and clips that could be left in the brake drums. Some repair work would need things like pins bushings and clips for the disc brake callipers.


Brakes are the lifesavers. To save a one-time cost, it is not a clever thing to go for inexpensive unbranded materials for replacements or rebuilding. As less expensive materials without a brand assurance would not have any guarantee for how long it would work. As a result, you might have to end up visiting the repair shop more often in no time. This might even cost your safety. Therefore, it is always to remember that a brake job should be done properly, using only those parts that are recommended by the manufacturer listed in your user manual.

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